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Drip drip drip. The sounds of slowly drying blood hitting cold tile echoed in his ears. Too loud.

This is fucking insane.

Kirihara pulled his knees to his chest, dark eyes focused on the lifeless form of his former senpai.

He started it. It's his fault. He deserved it.

This was all just a dream, right? There wasn't really blood splattered on his shirt, on his face, in his hair, all over the floor. That wasn't Niou's dead body mere feet away from him. Just one big fucking nightmare.

Wake up, Akaya! It's just a nightmare! You fell asleep on the bus, that's all.

Only he knew it wasn't. Something this real couldn't be a dream. Especially not with the definate pain in his rear end, the seat of his pants dampened with blood and who knew what else.

It's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream, it can't be real. Yukimura-buchou will wake you up soon, tell you you fell asleep and that you should get some rest once you get settled into your room. Sanada-fukubuchou will frown and look the other way. Everyone else will laugh, poke fun at you, but you won't care.

Cold, lifeless eyes stared back at him, silently mocking him.

Stop looking at me! You've done your damage.
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07 August 2004 @ 07:02 pm
Written by mikage, ebbii and soloproject
Rating: pg? more of an angsty kinda thing..
Pairing: IbuKam.. or Kamibu?
Summary: Still together yet falling apart.
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys. Don't own Tool or the song Schism.
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15 July 2004 @ 01:56 am
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Written by Nori (mikage) with a special part by Ebby (ebbii)
Pairing: Hints at Kamibu ^^, General An ebilness
Rating: PG (Holy hell, something was written by us that wasn't smut O.o;)
Summary: Doing Shakespeare plays as a tennis club fundraiser probably wasn't the best idea...
Notes: This plotbunny has been eating my brain for about a week, and I got hit with about half of the dialogue when I went outside to smoke. So I started writing. x3 Ended up going into a BLAH mood in the middle of this and was totally unable to concentrate, so I forced Ebby to write part of it for me until I could think again. <3 Unbeta'd :D!

And um. The underwear part is Ebby's fault ^__^

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12 July 2004 @ 06:15 pm
piccus!Collapse )

That's it till I get my Fanime pics done up and scanned and get my AX stuff developed x3
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12 July 2004 @ 05:31 pm
These were all taken by aoi_tenshi (or taken by someone else with her camera x3)

And err... some of these might be doubles. I'm too lazy to look through all of em x3

tons behind the cut, maruigakuto, kamibu, random crack.Collapse )

Next post.. More Kamibu/Ibukamio piccus x3
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from my digi cam behind the cutCollapse )

More piccus in the next post, taken by aoi_tenshi. Aka the private hotel photoshoot. x3 I'm thinking there will be about 6 posts of this... xD
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07 July 2004 @ 06:28 pm


co-written by mikage and ebbii

Pairing: KamIbu

Rating: Smutastico Fantasico

Disclaimer: If we owned them, they would so be doing this in the series. Don't
own Trent Reznor (man I wish), Nine Inch Nails, or the song "Closer",
either. What a pity.

Summary: Boring day, fangirls, karaoke, sex.

Notes: Um.. we were bored and on crack :D. And Nori has a tendency to write
with whatever she happens to be listening to at the moment. And we like run
on sentences. :D And both think our writing sucks beyond all belief, although
we think each others writing = teh awesome. And Nori tends to use extra vowels
in words (usually British spellings >.>)

And big thanks to lexarose for beta-ing the first
half x3

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Taking off his cap, Sanada ran a hand through dark strands before tugging it back on and making his way up the stairs to the school roof. Hmm? Tezuka hadn't arrived yet, apparently..

He dropped his bag on the ground, and leaned against the fence, dark eyes watching all the activity on the ground below.

He checked his watch and shook his head. Ok.. so he was early. Now to wait.
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