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23 August 2004 @ 06:11 pm
WIP Rp loggie - Kamio, Kaneda, Oshitari [prince_academy  
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Well then. The redhead shifted slightly, settling the older boy's head a little more comfortably in his lap. He leaned over, his hair creating somewhat of a little shield as a small tongue flicked out to lick at the corner of Yuushi's mouth. "Missed a spot."

Ensuring Kaneda was still close enough, Yuushi helped himself to some of Akira's crepe, again with the tips of his fingers and offered it to the french boy. "Mine's warmer, yes, but his is sweeter. Try it..." Yuushi, never one to let such temptation go very far without acting on it further, arched up to brush his lips against Akira's, letting them linger there longer then either of them had prior, his tongue slithering out to taunt the redhead's lower lip in a gentle but persistent caress.

Cherry lips parted slightly, a small purr emitting from the back of Akira's throat. Hands dropped onto the older boy's shoulders, fingers splaying across soft skin. His tongue snuck out to meet the other's, soft touches of tongue over lip following a tiny smirk.

"It could just be the whipped cream."

Kaneda laughed playfully and asked, "Are you sure that's not just whipped creme?" A smile not leaving his face, he leaned a little bit closer to see some of the action.

Yuushi's eyes flitted from Akira's face to Kaneda, "Mm. No. entirely too sweet." That was probably enough, or he'd land in some dangerous territory. Hormones had a nasty habit of overpowering ones' judgement and well, he /had/ been relatively good while at this school thusfar. Pity. Giving Kaneda an affectionate squeeze between his thighs, Yuushi untangled himself from between the two, dragging a hand through Akira's hair as he crawled back to lean against Wakashi's pillows.
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Ichirou Kanedaamakuyumemiru on August 23rd, 2004 06:18 pm (UTC)
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Taking a seat to the left of Yuushi, Kaneda didn't feel quite comfortable. What was he sitting on? He scooted himself forward, reached under the pillow and the sheets and pulled out something shiny.

"Umm... What is this?" he asked the two other boys. This object was shiny, and it looked like a really really small belt.
he just wants your yakisoba: glittery shota twins! - by keimikage on August 23rd, 2004 06:21 pm (UTC)
"Hmm..?" Akira shifted, legs sprawling out in front of him. "Lemme see." He crawled to his knees, leaning over one bluehaired senior to peer at the unknown object.

"..It's a collar. Nice one at that."
Yuushi Oshitari_wicked_games on August 24th, 2004 04:31 am (UTC)
Finishing off the last bites of his own crepe, Yuushi stared at the collar Kaneda held with a hint of amusement. "Well well. What's our little Wakashi gotten himself involved in, I wonder?"

Taking the slave collar, (and it was extremely obvious to the 'informed' that's exactly what it was), from Kaneda to examine more closely. It was fairly nice and engraved with a very familiar name. Nothing much could make Yuushi falter, blush, or stutter, but upon seeing the name there - all the color drained from usually tanned features. 'Oh...Shit...'

"Heh. Nice." Yuushi was considerate enough of his former schoolmate to keep his mouth shut about what he'd just seen, and in an effort to keep the other two from finding out as well, "I think it'd look good on you, Akira. Make you look even more like that kitty user picture I'm so fond of." Without hesitation he reached up and fastened the collar about the redhead's neck. "Meow?"
Kamio Akirapure_rhythm on August 24th, 2004 04:51 am (UTC)
Akira blinked, his head tilting slightly as the collar was fastened around his throat. Hm.. a bit heavy, and cold, but nothing he would notice within a few minutes of wearing it.

"It's nice. I could go for one of these, maybe perhaps a matching set of ears and a tail?" Smirk.
Ichirou Kaneda: Kaneda Old Schoolamakuyumemiru on August 24th, 2004 04:57 am (UTC)
The French boy blinked twice. To him, that collar didn't seem to fit to go on Akira's neck. Or anyone else's for that matter. "That... doesn't look right... Somehow..." Kaneda tilted his head. Still didn't look right.

"Ears... and tail?" This French boy didn't get it. What in the world was Akira talking about?
Yuushi Oshitari_wicked_games on August 24th, 2004 05:32 am (UTC)
Yuushi grinned at Kaneda, pushing the frames of his glasses up along the bridge of his nose. "What? You don't think he'd make a sexy kitty cat?" Exchanging a look with Akira as he drained his cocoa, "Will you let me pull on your tail and rub your ears?"

Another foxlike glance given around the bed when a tell-tale white fluffy paw caught his eye from beneath a piece of clothing on the desk nearby. Target spotted. "We should probably get back to our rooms. Unless you'd like to shower together too?"

Winking, he stood and stretched, tossing his empty plate in the trash. "Thanks for this Ichirou. Like I said, I'll repay the favor...somehow."
Kamio Akirapure_rhythm on August 24th, 2004 05:48 am (UTC)
The redhead smirked, taking his chance to push it a little further. He crawled across the bed on hands and knees, shoulders rolling and back arching gracefully beneath his tanktop, much like a very content catch. A small purr rumbled in his throat as a wry grin was tossed to the other boys. "If you want to."

Then he stopped, bouncing off the bed and onto his feet, arms and legs stretching with a small yawn. His mug was drained, the crepe quickly polished off and all evidence that he'd been eating erased.

Smirk. "Showering together can be fun, sometimes.." Bad Akira, stop trying to make the French teen blush.

"Yes. Back to bedrooms, and beds, and sleep. Ya can keep the sweatshirt till your roomie gives you back your clothes, Yuushi. Ya might need it, heh." Another roll of his shoulders, head tilting to either side to crack his neck. "And yeah. Thanks for the crepes 'n cocoa man."

Ichirou Kaneda: Kaneda Old Schoolamakuyumemiru on August 24th, 2004 05:52 am (UTC)
And alas, the mentioning of shower made him red. Why? It's all about the mental images. "Sh..sh..showering?"

The French boy shook his head. "Oh no. It was my pleasure. I'm glad you both liked it." A chuckle, then, "Oui.. We should all catch some sleep. I think I can see the sun if I opened up the blinds." Kaneda didn't want to make it a habit to sleep at 6 in the morning. "So... I'll see you both around?" He looked at Yuushi, then to Akira.
Yuushi Oshitari_wicked_games on August 24th, 2004 06:49 am (UTC)
Yuushi smirked watching Akira and his feline act. Dear God that was such a tease. "I'll be sure to keep some catnip on hand from now on..."

Rolling his shoulders back to free himself of the shiver that crept along his spine, the senior headed to Hiyoshi's desk, shielding what his intentions were with his back to the others; from here it looked as if he were merely putting his mug down, but really he snatched the bear from it's cover, slid the sweatshirt he had draped over broad shoulders off and wrapped Snookie inside. "Yes. I'm sure you'll see me around, Ichirou."

Moving to the door, Yuushi reached up to tug on the tips of Akira's hair as he passed. "You too, kitten. Maybe in the shower, sometime, hmm? And I'll get this back to you, washed and everything." Indicating the sweatshirt that he held to his chest. "I'm sure the school thanks you for saving them from seeing me wandering about in the nude..." Yet another playful wink given as he exited to head back to his room. "Ta."
Kamio Akirapure_rhythm on August 24th, 2004 07:08 am (UTC)
"Might need somethin' a little stronger than catnip, heh. And it's fine, it's yours as long as ya need it. I've got another and I can always steal Shinji's." Akira snorted. "Although, wandering around in the nude.." He trailed off, a smirk on his as he made his way to the door, a glance tossed over his shoulder at Kaneda. "Sleep well when ya do, man. See ya."

With that, he plodded his way down the hall, a hand raised at his side and waving behind him. "See ya, Yuushi." Down the hall, up the stairs, four doors down and he was safely back in his own room. Hmm.. Shinji's still sleeping. Oh well. The redhead crawled into bed, pulling his blankets up to his chin, knuckles brushing against... a metal buckle?

Oh shit.

The collar. He'd forgotten to take off the collar. ...Ehh... he could bring it back later. Sleep was more important.